Skilled Attorneys, Zealous Advocates, & Diligent Defenders

SKILLED – /skild/ [adjective]: having or showing the knowledge, ability, or training to perform a certain activity or task well

The Law Office of Jeffrey Brownson opened in 2014 to provide personalized top-tier criminal defense. The firm handles a broad range of criminal matters in federal and state courts throughout Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. Much of the firm’s practice involves defending complex federal cases with allegations of wire fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, and other business-related crimes. The firm also represents individuals accused of crimes such as drug trafficking, sexual assault, and other violent offenses. The firm has obtained numerous acquittals in both federal and state courts. But, perhaps more than anything, they take great pride when they help clients and businesses under investigation avoid criminal charges altogether.

ZEALOUS – /ˈzeləs/ [adjective]: feeling or showing strong and energetic support for a person or cause

The firm is committed to providing the best representation for each and every client. That commitment frequently concludes in either a dismissal or a favorable plea agreement. Their dedication regularly results in early victories for their clients outside the public eye. When a settlement is not possible, the attorneys will not hesitate to go to trial.

The team develops a personalized approach for each case to achieve positive results based on clients’ individual needs. They genuinely care about their clients. Clients describe the team as “sincere,” “outstanding,” and “compassionate.” The firm establishes a great relationship with its clients and their families to provide them with the guidance and support they need throughout a complex process.

DILIGENT – \ˈdi-lə-jənt\ [adjective]: characterized by steady, earnest, and energetic effort

The firm’s preparation is unrivaled. During the initial investigation of a case, the attorneys thoroughly research every issue, file well-thought-out and creative motions, and ensure no stone is left unturned. They are skilled at anticipating issues that may arise throughout a case and developing a strategy to counter those issues. This tireless preparation puts the firm in a position to help its clients obtain a favorable result or avoid criminal charges altogether.